Easy Solution to Kill Ant Piles – Club Soda!

Easy Solution to Kill Ant Piles – Club Soda!.



As most of you know, Amazon recently announced several new version of both the e-Ink Kindle and the Kindle Fire: you can click here to read my post about each of them.

Why not have another giveaway, this time to win one of the new seven-inch versions of the Fire HD that will be released next week?

In order to win the Fire HD, here are a couple of rules for this giveaway:

The time period is between now and 11:59 p.m. Central Time October 6th (that’s a Monday).
You can enter more than once with several options to win as explained below.
In addition to having a little fun with the blog, I’m continuing my efforts to increase the blog’s email subscription option; if you do sign up for the email delivery option you can always unsubscribe at any time. The email subscription option will put your name into the hat with ten chances to win.
You can also have more chances to win if you refer a friend – one additional chance for each friend you refer.
You can also earn more chances to win by following the blog on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.
You don’t have to be a resident of the USA to enter – in other words, you can live anywhere in the world.
To enter:

Just scroll down to the Enter to Win section of the box a little further down on this page.
For 10 chances to win, click on the “Join the Kindle Books and Tips Blog Mailing List” option. Click on the “I would like to subscribe” option that certifies you are over 13 years old, click the +10 icon, then click the green “Enter” icon. PLEASE make sure you reply to the confirmation email you will receive to prove we are not spamming anyone (and you can cancel at any time). Please note this option is mandatory.
For an additional 10 chances to win, you can refer the giveaway (and the blog) to a friend – one additional chance per friend up to a maximum of ten friends. After you have entered via the method above, a box will appear right below “Enter to Win” titled “Share This” that will give each entrant a unique URL you can share with your friends. For each friend that enters the giveaway, you will receive +1 entry into the giveaway: each entrant can refer up to 10 people. It’s pretty easy as you can tweet, share on Facebook, or email your friends a unique link.
For an additional four chances to win, you can “Like” the blog’s Facebook page or follow the blog on Twitter or Pinterest by selecting the appropriate option – that’s four chances to win for each option or an additional 12 chances if you select all three. If you are already following the blog in this manner, click the option anyway as you MUST do that for your additional entries.
In return, here is what I will do:

Randomly draw one winners from all of the entries. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to the email sent to them or another winner will be randomly selected.
Promptly order a new seven-inch Fire HD and have Amazon ship it to the winner. If you live outside the USA, and Amazon does not ship Fires to your country, I will send you an Amazon gift card for the same value as the price of a new seven-inch Fire HD.
The last giveaways have been fun, and generated a lot of excitement. Seeing as how there is non-Facebook / non-Twitter option to enter, I’m hoping the number of entries will be a lot more than last time.

If you’re reading this on your e-ink Kindle and not the actual blog page, you can go to your computer’s web browser and type in http://smarturl.it/1014kf and enter away!

Website Owners / Authors

Several people have asked me on previous giveaways how they can have their web visitors, blog readers, and friends join in on future giveaways: the more the merrier! There are two ways:

Just link them to the giveaway page on the blog – just tell them to go to http://smarturl.it/1014kf on their web browser.
You can embed a widget just like the one I have on this page to your website or blog page. Just click here and follow the easy instructions (if I can figure it out as an accountant, it has to be easy). All entries will go into the same hat!

That should do it – and good luck to everyone!